Top 3 Wedding Ideas: Feeling cold feet about Marriage?

Don’t skip the intro to get directly for amazing wedding ideas! Trust me, you will need this.

No matter you are bride or groom, wedding day can be most stressful thing for your life, right? Now, each marriage is different. And, it takes time to manage time, guests, and your life partner. Just kidding! However, The blog does not give you 30, 50, or 100 wedding ideas. We are here to give only 3 wedding ideas to make it special. And, your wedding is worthy enough to be special.

Wedding Idea #1: Souvenir

Do you want your guests to remember the wedding for a long time? We have the simplest solution to make it memorable. After, all you need is to gift them souvenirs. Include the souvenir price along with the catering costs. You will find some of the most brilliant souvenir ideas in the following:

  1. Photo: Not just your photo. Rather, hire a photographer with a polarized camera. These are now quite affordable. You will get one at less than $75. Take picture with the guest and gift him right away. Even for a wedding idea for summer, this idea stands out.
  2. Cards: If you can send someone “get well soon” card at their illness, you can apply this at the most memorable and happy day of your life. Then, as a simple token of gratitude, present a souvenir card to them. Nevertheless, add some sweet lines. This may make them love you more!

And, there are more souvenirs out there. So, you just have to order and gift the audience a bunch of them.

Wedding Idea #2: Organize the after-party at home!

What can comfort you the most? A restaurant or a home? For a lot of people, home will be the answer. This is also an affordable way to organize a wedding. Suppose, you are trying to get wedding idea for winter, this can save your life! Who wants to cross a highway full of snow to attend a wedding! Fortunately, your home may have the thermostat people want. This will keep them warm and cozy. This is why our next cost-efficient idea is to organize the wedding at home.

Wedding Idea #3: Gift the Event to your Spouse

Do you forget things much? Well, I have an outstanding solution for such cases. Get married on a memorable date. Now, It can also be arranged on the New Year day or Christmas day. Christmas is coming up. So, suit up dear friend.

Then, a lot of people get engaged in Christmas. Fortunately, we have extremely great ideas about gifts. Therefore, check these outstanding gift ideas for your fiancé on this Christmas.

Which One will you choose?

The year is ending, dear friend. Make this year a special one. Choose any of the idea and add some value to the typical wedding day. You can also share any idea with us. We will appreciate your contribution.

Our entire reader’s community can add more ideas to their marriage and proposal day.

Finally, if you are new at here, check our other articles.

“Live long and prosper!


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