Best Low Carb Side Dishes Ideas for Holidays

Low Carb Side Dishes Holidays

Are you seeking help for making a low carb diet during holidays? If so, then this article is specifically for you to relish a tasty savory treat. Here are some low carb side dishes ideas to enjoy a mouthful healthy bite in holidays.

What is Low Carb Diet?

Before we begin, we need to define the context of this diet category properly. Low carb diet is a type of diet where the consumption of carbohydrates is limited or replaced with foods with high percentage of protein and fat. According to a study by the Second University of Naples (SUN), low carb diet is more effective than low fat diet in order to lose weight.

How to Stay Low Carb on Holidays:

Who doesn’t love holidays! Holiday blesses us with happy moments, family reunion and couple of extra pound in our weight diagram! If you want to stick to a healthy eating habit on holidays, here are some low carb side dishes ideas for holidays. Stay tuned!

Keto Vegetable Recipes:

There are plenty of low carb vegetarian recipes out there. You can use broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carrot, cauliflower as they are rich in fiber and low in calories. For example:

  • You can make veg Chinese or Mexican rice. But instead of rice, you can use grated cauliflower. Cauliflower is a great alternative to rice and extremely low in calories and carbohydrate! Did you know that!
  • Who didn’t hate broccoli in childhood! Tasted like Devil! But with some chicken/veg stock and the creaminess of Cheese, you can have your healthy holiday cheesy broccoli soup.

So many other keto veggie recipes you can try. Be confidently creative!

Keto Dinner Recipes:

We all crave for some roasted turkey or steak on holiday nights! It’s hard to give up those, right? What if we suggest something that will fulfil both your desire and health goal? Here you go!

  • You can have your low carb side dishes dinner version with slow cooked beef or lamb. Just use a slow cooker and serve after 2/3 hours! Bon Appétit!
  • Christmas/Thanksgiving without Turkey! No need for that! Just throw some spices, use fresh ingredients like lemon and rosemary for flavor and roast your Turkey! Voila! You have your low carb roasted turkey with only 4.8 grams carbs!
  • You can also make low carb vegetarian recipes like roasted cheesy carrots, creamy cauliflower spinach, savory bean curries etc.!

Keto “Fast” Food Recipe:

You read that correctly! Fast food can also be low in carbs! Here are some example!

  • Keto cheese burger casserole is not impossible anymore! Throw away your bulky spongy bun and enjoy the flavor of burger in a casserole. Use olive oil, extra lean ham/beef, kosher salt and spices, unsweetened mayonnaise, mustard sauce, some cheddar and parmesan. Make you own version of keto cheese burger casserole. Enjoy!
  • Keto pizza recipe is quite easy! Just replace regular flour with almond flour. Make the crust crispy with almond flour, butter, cheese and sour cream. Each crust contains 4grams of carbohydrates. Both are tasty and healthy.

Keto Seafood Recipes:

Personally, this is my favorite section. Most seafood like shrimp, fish, shellfish are packed with proteins and keto — friendly. You can enjoy the luxury of seafood as low carb side dishes for holiday. Get some ideas here.

  • Easy to make, takes only 10 minutes! Packed with taste and health benefits! Gives the punch of garlic, creaminess of butter and the heavenly flavor of roasted shrimp!
  • You can also make salmon steak. Extra virgin olive oil, some butter, freshly grounded pepper, garlic cloves, kosher salt and some lemon is enough to make a delicious mouth-watering keto seafood recipe.
  • You can also make baked shrimp with asparagus, fried shrimp, sushi and some other easy seafood item. Add a healthy and luxurious bite in your holiday meal.

Bottom Line:

Keto Diet is very beneficial for rapid weight loss, anti-aging, and energy. It helps you to stay fit, control high blood pressure and diabetes, even help with some type of cancers. With this low carb side dishes ideas, you can continue your keto diet even on holidays. Cook confidently and stay fit! Did our article help? Let us know in the comment section.

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